Procedure of LC Discounting or Letter of Credit Discounting

The Letter from the prime banks or monetary establishments is taken into account as a whole security. A receiver can give the LC to the investor and acquire the loan sanctioned. The loan quantity is also up to hundred percent of the LC price. Once the letter credit is dead the quantity against Letter of Credit is settled by the investor against the loan disbursed to the receiver.

LC Discounting



Letter Of Credit Negotiation / Discounting While Not Recourse

Letter of credit discounting while not recourse is the standard LC Discounting product except that it’s on while not recourse basis to the beneficiary (customer).

The beneficiary shall receive discounted price for his or her export documents upon negotiation/ discounting. Within the event income aren’t forth returning from the supplying Bank, Bank Guarantee shall not claim compensation from the beneficiary.  Numero Business Consultants shall bear the non-payment risk of the Letter of Credit supplying consultants.

LC Discounting Process

The following are the sequence of steps taken by the banks on receipt of completed application forms.

  • Application type is accepted and acknowledged.
  • Personal interview /discussions are command with the purchasers by the bank’s officers.
  • Bank’s Field Investigation team visits the business place/work place of the mortal.
  • Bank verifies the data of the mortal with the common info sharing bureau (CIBIL).
  • In case of recent comes the bank guarantee analyses the rear ground of the applicant/firm/company and Technical feasibility/financial viability of the project supported numerous parameters and also the prevailing market conditions.
  • Depending on the scale of the project the file is place up for sanction to the acceptable level of authority.

NumeroUno Business Consultants offers increased assortment services additionally to the prevailing economical service to expedite receipt of export income.

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